Inspirational Movies to Watch

So, the Easter weekend has arrived and what is a better way to spend this bank holiday then snuggled up on the sofa surrounded by chocolate with a good film or two…

I am far too aware that this mini break, for the majority of students (whether at school or university) marks the last few days of relaxation before the revision period and the horror of exam season sets in. Therefore, it seems only fitting to make the most of these few days chilling to the max!

Whether you are looking for exam distraction this weekend, or simply need a good movie to switch your mind off of work and real life stresses for a couple of hours, here are my top five inspirational recommendations that are (at least a little bit!) fitting for your Easter Weekend…


To Kill a Mockingbird

For a non religious person such as myself, I cannot see a story that so fully captures the Easter ideals of acceptance better than Harper Lee’s iconic narrative. Told through the perspective of 10 year old Scout, the film follows the trial of Tom Robinson, a black man accused of the rape of a white girl. The narrator’s father Atticus Finch is arguably the greatest hero of modern literature is played wonderfully by Gregory Peck who won an Oscar for this role.


Legally Blonde

Just because, basically, there isn’t a bad time to watch this film. Elle Woods is incredible and total feminist icon! Seriously, if you are ever having a hard time with your workload just remember that Elle got into Harvard Law and graduated valedictorian. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU WORK HARD ENOUGH!


Harry Potter Series

As far as I am concerned no story better tells the tale of the triumph of of good over evil better than that of Harry et al vs Voledemort. Harry P is very much a nostalgia thing for me, to the point that the journey to Hogwarts feels like going home! This is great if you want to vegetate in front of the telly for a whole day and really lose your self in the magic. Alternately, just pick your favourite. For me, it would be one of the early movies, if only to marvel at the adorably cute, yet totally awkward acting.


Erin Brockovich

You know that quote ‘Work Hard and Be Nice to People’? That always reminds me of this film. Julia Roberts plays a single Mother  who after a car accident leaves her completely broke manages to talk herself into a job at a law firm. Here she somehow stumbles onto a case, and despite her total lack of experience, she becomes an important part of the legal team due to her personal relationships she has cultivated with the clients. Perhaps what makes this even more inspirational is that it is a true story! Also (as always) Julia Roberts is wonderful!


Eat Pray Love

More Julia Roberts! Can you tell I love her? But, seriously, if you are going to watch this movie anytime – Easter feels like the perfect occasion. The idea that eating can lead to learning and growing into yourself while you have a pile of chocolate in your house kind of seems like the perfect scenario!